Our assessments provide an in-depth look into your infrastructure

Epoch Universal can perform professional third party assessments across almost all major infrastructure technologies. Our comprehensive findings and recommendation deliverables allows you to make the right decision, at the right time.

We can perform assessments in the following verticals and more:

  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Wireless Assessment
  • Penetration Test Assessment
  • Voice & Video Readiness Assessment
  • Virtualization Health Check
  • Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

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Integrated Managed Services

Learn more about worry free IT for your business and yourself...

We monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure around the clock. Our managed services are the perfect solution for businesses that want to focus on their sales and growth without distraction. We make sure you can grow.

Networking And Security

Find out how much security you really need...

Today expertise is security when it comes to networking. We specialize in crafting the right solution at the right budget because we understand how to integrate the broad hardware and software solutions our vendors provide.

Wireless Solutions


The freedom and flexibility of a secure, scalable, cost effective wireless network.

Lifecycle Services

We use Cisco’s PPDIOO model for our life cycle approach.

Epoch Universal provides seamless integration for our customers, from the initial discovery phase, through implementation and delivery, to ongoing maintenance and support. With our team of experts, we ensure you have the right technologies at the right time.

Andrew Hoog

Engineering - Tricor Braun
"Simply the best engineering and project management team I’ve ever worked with. They had our Cisco UC system installed and working in over 32 sites, in 20 states, all within 90 days. Great people, and a first class work ethic."